Come join our excellent instructors for action-packed excitement in our VERY FIRST annual Summer Camp! Our Summer Camp is the perfect activity to keep your kids engaged in their training while building life-long friendships and experiences. For those with little or no martial arts experience, Summer Camp is a great opportunity to get acquainted with our school, our staff, and fundamental self-defense techniques and jumpstart your kids’ training. Existing students will gain valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and respect. Campers will learn about Jiu Jitsu’s history, engage in fun activities, learn cool Jiu Jitsu techniques, and be tested every day to demonstrate they understand the technique taught that day. Summer camp is for kids between 5 – 12 years old, Each camp is Monday through Thursday, 12pm to 2pm each day. We provide a snack during the break at 1pm. These camps will run throughout July, starting each Monday. Please make sure to fill out a separate form for each child that would like to participate in summer camp. Registration fee is $100 per child. 50$ per child for students already enrolled in classes at the academy

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Adults BJJ

Brazilian jiujitsu classes for adults of ALL ages

Our Adults BJJ classes are for everyone, and we train adults of all ages! So it is never too late to start BJJ and to teach yourself discipline and self-defense.

Adults classes are offered multiple times throughout the week, which makes it easy for anyone with a busy or constantly changing schedule to stay focused on their goals and training no matter what time they have available.

Making the decision to become a JiuJitsu practitioner is to decide to focus on yourself, your discipline, and your body.

Kids BJJ

An anti bully BJJ self defense classes for kids 5+

Our kids programs are designed to give your kids the resources to teach them to become a leader, become respectful, develope discipline, and learn self defense.

The skills children learn from Martial Arts and self-defense will overflow into other areas of their lives and better prepare them to be disciplined, respectful, and focused on anything they wish to achieve. The art of Brazilian JiuJiutsu IS the art of Learning.

When kids learn BJJ, they learn to LEARN. The most undervalued skill of all time. Prepare your kids with skills they can depend on:

Respect – for themselves and others

Focus – on what they want to acheive

Drive – to push on when things are tough

Discipline – to know when and when not to

Belief – in themselves, their family, and friends. We are all one team. Supporting, helping, and having camaraderie for one another is a core value to our school.